Season X, Challenge 1: Dust

Some of you may recall, I once wrote a story (I didn’t circulate it, I’m [fairly] sure) to the dullest title I could think of – it was called ‘Corrugated Cardboard’, but the title was very relevant to the story.

So for this challenge, I’d like you to write to the theme of ‘DUST’. You must give it a title that includes the sequence of letters DUST, so you could use DUSTING, or STARDUST, but corruptions like INDUSTRY are not allowed. You can write fiction, non-fiction or even a cliff-hanger, and I’m giving you extra flexibility in that the length can be between 250 and 350 words in prose. It shouldn’t prove difficult as we all know what dust is, and we can all write, and we all have very ingenious brains.

Send your brilliantly creative efforts to me by Tuesday, October 1st , please.

Enjoy your writing!

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