Season X, Challenge 3: Epicurean Gourmet

Challenge 3: the epicurean gourmet

This is a monthly food magazine and the editor requires fillers (no illustrations) of 250–300 words.

The editor is looking for pieces about a single dish (or an item on a menu), set in an anecdotal, personal or historical context, with or without a detailed recipe. The dish and the circumstances surrounding it should be of equal importance.

The editor assumes that writers are familiar with the magazine’s readership. They would be aware that readers of THE EPICUREAN GOURMET (as its name implies) are not interested in corner-cutting, fast food or cheap-‘n’-easy dishes. They’re discerning people who enjoy being informed, entertained and pleasantly surprised.

Entries to Christine (Editor of THE EPICUREAN GOURMET) before 12 o’clock midnight GMT on Tuesday 12th November.

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