Circular Book

The venture is a little different this year – but the idea is that every member will write a chapter of a book. It will be a ‘Circular’ book – i.e. it doesn’t matter which chapter you start at, you just read all the chapters one after the other until you get back to where you started. The way that this will be done is that every member will create a well-defined adult character. All the characters will then be placed in a circle in a random order, and each member will write a chapter (in effect a short story) about the character he/she created, and the one on the left.

This may sound rather straightforward, but it has a host of pitfalls. You have to be careful to avoid references to time, and clearly you can’t have your character breaking a leg in one chapter, and playing tennis in the next. It gives you more freedom than last year’s exercise, but you will have to work closely with the members on your left and right to ensure that your character’s personality doesn’t change. There is no general village or town environment, but your specific character may require one.

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