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Chris has had articles and short stories published; a novel has been written and “longlisted” in a publisher’s New Novels competition. Health problems mean that writing activities are now mostly online ventures, but have also highlighted the attractions of shorter literary forms : haiku and “flash-” or micro-fiction.


Christine has been living in rural Normandy for twenty-one years. She channelled her lifelong passion for literature and language into a teaching career and gradually developed a sideline as a writer of both short stories and articles on wide variety of subjects.



Genya spends half her time living in Bulgaria and the other half in England. Back in the 70s, she had three children’s books published under her maiden name. Then children, a career and the usual workload took over her life.  Since retiring, two years ago, she has picked up her pen again and has returned to her lifelong love of writing. In the last couple of years she has had some short stories and poetry published in various anthologies and has had several pieces of work shortlisted. She loves historical fiction and has just finished a YA novel set in WW2. She is now working on her second YA novel, which is about a young girl with supernatural powers. She is still writing short stories and poetry both for children and adults.



I was a teacher, then after studying Psychology, a lecturer in Further and Higher Education. Relatively new to writing – I recently studied at York Uni – Creative writing. I am writing a novel. I’ve had a couple of pieces of poetry published and a couple of short stories.


Retiring after a long career as a high school teacher, I began to write in 2012.  I have had many short stories and travel articles published on line and on local radio.   My blog is  I have a keen interest in gardening and am a judge for Yorkshire in Bloom.


In the 1970s, teaching English, I explored Europe. Later, as a freelance journalist, I specialised in public health but I now write historical fiction, publishing ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’ in 2016. My second novel is out in 2019 and a third in the series is on the way.


After twenty five years working as an Environmental Health Officer in local government and an extended period of illness which has led to early retirement, Maria decided to take up writing. In the six years since, she has taken an correspondence writing course and has written short stories, drafted two and a half novels and has had a couple of articles published in magazines. She has also been involved in the publishing of the parish magazine for her last church which included writing the articles and taking pictures of anything relevant for the church, as well as learning desktop publishing.

Her favourite genre is science fiction but she does dabble with a little romance and contemporary fiction. Her goal at present is to get some of her material ‘out there’.


I live in Sheffield with my wife Eva and dog Charlie and I’m the editor of the prayer diary for Wycliffe Bible translators. I see myself as a writer, photographer, baker and storyteller. Recently I seem to have really grown in the flash fiction area. I’d like to grow in writing short stories too. My photo was taken at a wonderful charity called Grimm and Co which I’ve recently started volunteering for. It’s focus is literacy for children, and according to them, as the front is an apothecary for Magical Beings, my magical being is a unicorn. If this sounds odd, then you need to visit their shop or check out their website to find out why.


Morgen is an avid reader and loves writing short stories. She has recently been getting some stories ‘out there’ and has had four stories published by Alfie Dog Fiction. She has recently retired and is looking forward to organising her projects and actually finishing some of them!


Olaf Chedzoy started his career at the hard logical edge of science, but has softened to qualitative rather than quantitative assessments. Led a writers’ circle for 15 years, written over 60 short stories and articles, and has occasional publications, including one in the Daily Telegraph.


Philip is a British writer who works in education and often lives in Spain. His short fiction has been featured in several magazines and anthologies. Foreign Voices, his debut collection was published in 2018. Find out more at


I retired from teaching (art, ceramics, print) and remarried, all in the new millennium. We bought an old stone farmhouse in Normandy and spent the next decade renovating it. We now spend most of the summer here and go back home to sunny Blackburn for the winter! 😒 I started writing a book about the daughters of Boudicca sometime in the noughties, which has sort of floundered a bit, though still smoulders on the back-burner. I started another book, for young readers, called “The Boy who tore a Hole in the Sky” but that has slightly hit the buffers.I also belong to TWO yesTWO local writers’ groups (whisper it) which gives me loads to do on a smaller scale. However I do find those to be very productive.My publishing record consists of twice winning the Daily Telegraph’s “just back” feature and acceptance of an article about climbing the Old Man of Hoy in a magazine – still waiting! (no photos)! I also wrote my biography but an interested publisher turned out to be more like vanity so that’s still waiting to see the light of day too.I really should concentrate on getting properly established – possibly an agent – and quit mucking about with DIY!


Ros is a writer and publisher living in North Yorkshire. In addition to writing for business publications, she writes short stories, poetry and novels. Her first novel was long-listed in Bridge House Publishing’s Debut Novel Competition. Her novel ‘New York Orphan’ has been awarded a Premier Chill with a Book Award.


I live in Scotland, the weather is fickle but usually dreich.  I am a tutor with a MLitt in Creative Writing. I’ve been writing it seems forever.  My current WIP is a novel; in it I see wee glimmers of something. Keep on writing, I say, even to my non-writery friends.



My home is in the mountainous Auvergne region of France. I teach English, often by telephone, which is very practical in winter. I’ve had a few non-fiction items published and I will persevere with my plans to write a novel.


Zena lives in Hertfordshire and was a historical researcher and writer until easing into semi-retirement recently. She now pours her creative energy into other avenues (unafraid of mixing metaphors), so with articles published, websites edited and a novel awaiting its entry on the literary scene she looks forward to avoiding any form of work that requires being answerable. Don’t you just love writing?

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  1. Susan Jones
    October 28, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    14 years! Amazing well done – I was an original founding member!!

  2. John Ryley
    January 8, 2019 at 12:35 am

    Great to see you are still going!
    Best Wishes from a previous member
    John Ryley

    • Webalpha
      January 8, 2019 at 9:17 pm

      Lovely to hear from you. Thank you.

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