Season XV11 – Alphaday 10

Hi Alphas,

Welcome to Alphaday 10, Season XVII. We’re still going at full Alpha speed with the usual Alpha treats ready to pop into your inboxes to provide you with inspiration and motivate you to put your best foot forward. We have, however, now reached the point where this season begins to trail off. The last regular challenge will be set today; after that there’s ‘only’ the Open Page which we’ve kept for desserts. Then we gradually close down to the rhythm of the advancing spring chorus as it edges towards summer and the Alpha break between seasons.

For now everyone has been busy preparing a mouth-watering menu for your enjoyment.

Alphaday 10, Season XVII Agenda:

  • This bulletin from me
  • The results and feedback for the Ballad challenge from Maria
  • The collated entries for the photo challenge from Stephen
  • The brief for Challenge 8 from Elke
  • The latest Log news from Phil

The Alpha news is in Phil’s competent hands. We look forward to what you’ve got to report.

General news.

The 8th of March was International Women’s Day; an important occasion for women to voice their concerns and speak up for those who’re subjected to injustice and silence: women kept for years in Iranian prisons on dubious charges; women – and girls – who’re forced into marriage and domestic slavery; women who risk – and sometimes lose – their lives for investigating and reporting on sensitive political issues.

There were events organised to bring these subjects to the attention of the world. The press and the media generally offered very little coverage of these. Instead there was extensive coverage of one woman’s personal sense of injury. Did she deliberately choose the International Women’s Day to air her grievances?

We might need to rename the 2021 event: One Woman’s International Day … to get it into perspective.

Hans Andersen was a brilliant writer of modern (for the time) fairytales, one of them being ‘The Princess and the Pea’ published in 1835.


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