Season XVII – Alphaday 11

Hi Alphas,

Welcome to Alphaday 11, Season XVII. We’ve still got a full menu for you to enjoy. Then we’ll close down the various departments and prepare for our annual break while getting ready for Season XVIII. We’ll have our annual survey where you can let us know how you’d run this group if you were in charge. We’re probably one of the longest-running groups around; seventeen years under the belt and still going strong. That’s quite an achievement for a writers’ group that started as a one-year experiment. I believe that our success is due to the active involvement of all our members – as today’s agenda seems to prove:

Alphaday 11, Season XVII agenda:

  • This bulletin from me
  • The results and feedback for the photo challenge from Stephen
  • The collated entries for the quotation challenge from Elke
  • Call for entries for The Open Page, 3rd edition, from Christine
  • A Writers’ Reads prompt from Sarah
  • Call for contributions for Alpha Log 6 from Phil
  • Invitation to join an Alpha Zoom session tonight from Ros

That’s quite an agenda, I’d say, and there’s the icing on the cake in the last item where we can meet up face to face in this virtual world that we’re beginning to get used to. The great thing is that there’s something for and from everyone.

We’ll keep the Alpha News for tonight’s zoom meeting when we can discuss both private, general and Alpha matters as we feel like it. It’s lovely to see people in this informal way.

General news is thin on the ground because the world is still absorbed in the one catastrophe that’s hit us and which seeps into all aspects of our civilisation, covering everything with a damp blanket. Online events are replacing live events – no need to travel and no worries about parking or finding loos. Outside activities are often solitary and limited to the excitement of watching spring unfolding in the forest or the park. Well worth making the occasional trip outside your four walls.


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