Alphaday 3 – Season XV

Hi Alphas,

Welcome to Alphaday 3, Season XV. This is one of our favourite Alphadays: all the elements have been carefully assembled; the scene is set, the players are in place, performing and doubling up as audience. We’re ready for the first Alphaday with a full agenda. The season is now finally in full swing and we can look forward to a long string of inspiring variations on the Alpha theme. Every one of us has a part to play; your contributions liven up and stimulate our writing experience – which is our common aim.

Here’s today’s agenda – with a great input from all Alphas:

  • This Bulletin from me
  • The results of the ‘Heat’ challenge from Suzanne
  • The collated entries for the ‘Dialogue’ challenge from Stephen (already in!)
  • A call for ‘Open Page’ entries from Christine
  • A Writers’ Reads prompt from Morgen
  • A call for LOG contributions from Sally

All this will trickle into your inbox in the course of the day. There’s plenty there to enjoy and digest over the coming weeks. We write, we critique, we read – and we share some useful titbits as we go. Enjoy!

I have no special Alpha News to share with you this time. Our newbies appear to be settling in well and the rest of us muddle on / charge ahead as best we can. The best of all possible worlds…

In my little general news paragraph I can’t not mention that world-stirring event that took place in Sotheby’s Auction Rooms. Wasn’t that miles above all the other banal news stories? I’d have Shredded Banksy for breakfast every morning for the rest of my life!

The Booker Prize – in my view – paled in comparison to the above. There were some points mentioned about the winning novel, The Milkman, by Anna Burns which intrigued me enough to put it on my ‘to read’ list, but it can wait until later. Anna Burns’ acceptance speech also paled against (for example) the ones written by Alphas for one of our past challenges. She only cited and thanked the credits at the end of her book. I did feel moved when her nerves and her emotions made her slightly tongue-tied. She’s a perfectly normal person after all – a writer and not a superwoman. Perhaps she’s still mentally editing and rewriting what she should have said.


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