Alphaday 8 – Season XV

Hi Alphas,

Welcome to Alphaday 8, Season XV. We continue our Alpha routine, which isn’t really a routine because there’s no sameness about it – quite the contrary. Every Alphaday is different with a fresh input from all our members that brings us new insights into what it is to be a writer and to write in as many varied guises as we can fish out of our wonderful imaginations.

Today is no exception. The agenda may look familiar, but what’s behind those headings is full of surprises.

Today’s agenda is as follows:

  • This bulletin from me
  • The results of the epistolary challenge from Morgen
  • The collated entries for the Open Page 2nd edition from Ros
  • The brief for Challenge 6 from Sally
  • Alpha Log 4 from Sally

Many thanks to all the contributors and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing those treats popping into my inbox in the course of the day.

General news:

Perhaps you remember that I once picked on the overuse of the word ‘icon’. It seemed to me that it was applied indiscriminately to many things that weren’t images of saintliness and worthy of worship.

Have you seen a single article on the subject of Karl Lagerfeld’s death that didn’t use the words ‘icon’ or ‘iconic’ – often several times? He may not have been adorned by a gold leaf halo, but there seems to be a silver leaf one floating round his venerable head.

He was certainly a remarkable man with a very individual style and appearance. He once said his looks were a caricature of his person. He was admirably superior – even arrogant and opinionated, but with the courage to stand out in full glory. Some writers even called him an iconoclast – which undoubtedly he was in many ways.

An iconoclastic icon. Wow!


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