The Phone Book

Early in the season there was idle chat amongst us about phones; and that exchanges had quaint names like Fitzroy and Acorn and Elgar and Viking; and our memories of using phones when we were younger; and things like having to book a long distance phone call in advance. You must remember that some of us are over twenty-one!

From this emerged the idea of writing a group story with the phone as the theme.

We are now under way with this story. The first chapter has been written and is now with the second writer – maybe even further by now. Each of us, in turn, will write a chapter to follow what has been written. Nobody knows when the story will arrive. Nobody knows what will have been written before it arrives.

The rules? Only a few: that the chapter should be about 1500 words; that the beginning and end of each chapter should feature a phone; that each chapter should follow from what has gone before. Oh, and there’s a tight deadline!

The hope is that we will have finished the story by the end of May/early June and it will be ready for circulation during the summer.

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