Season XIV – Alphaday 5

Hi Alphas,

Welcome to Alphaday 5. This is our last Alphaday this year and – what’s more – once we’ve taken in all the goodies that have been prepared for us this Alphaday, we’ll be halfway through the season. And let me warn you! There’s so much on today’s menu that it’ll take a lot longer to digest than even the heaviest Christmas Day dinner of turkey with trimmings and rum-buttered pudding. At least the Alpha menu is good for you and will nourish your writerly spirit in a beneficial way.

Today’s agenda:

  • This Bulletin from me
  • Feedback for the Open Page 1 entries from Christine
  • The collated entries for the letter to your youthful self from Morgen
  • The brief for Challenge 4 from Sally
  • A Writers’ Read prompt from Morgen
  • Alpha Log 2 news from Sally
  • The Alpha Christmas Quiz from Olaf

This is indeed a well garnished menu and you’ll notice that, once again, Olaf has managed to add one very special Christmas goodie to the contents. He’ll tell you all about it when he sends out the quiz, but some of us already know that we’ll spend far too much time feeling in turns exuberant when we’ve solved a clue and hair-tearingly frustrated when we can’t.

There is no special Alpha news apart from what Sally will provide in the Log. That, of course, is always exciting. Successes cheer us up and disappointments are easy to empathise with; we all have them, don’t we?

The world will look after itself over the festive season. News from the UK appears to be preoccupied with (royal) wedding bells and (Brexit) divorce bills. ‘You can’ have one…’! Pantomimes will provide the cultural input and retailers will rub their hands with glee.

I hope you’ll enjoy the break until we meet up again next year, and that you’ll find plenty of opportune moments to do some writing. I expect we’ve got a number of things to discuss before we break up for real.


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