Season XVI – Alphaday 4

Hi Alphas,

Welcome to Alphaday 4, Season XVI. We’re moving on with everything we’ve got – our routine rolling smoothly and covering a variety of writerly topics to keep us on our inspired toes.

It’s your input that provides the material for our shared benefit. Today’s agenda is a feast of writerly goodies that might tempt you to try something new or to indulge further in your favourite line of action.

As follows:

Alphaday 4 Season XVI agenda.

  • This bulletin from me
  • The results of the national anthem challenge from Ros
  • The collated entries for the Open Page 1st ed. Season XVI from Christine
  • The brief for Challenge 3 from Suzanne
  • The Alpha Log news from Phil

These items will pop into your inbox in the course of the day and they’ll keep your attention for quite a while after you’ve opened them.

General news:

It’s all fake. That word creeps in everywhere and of course we all know who’s to blame for putting it up there in every headline in the first place. However, the latest story of Prince Charles with egg on his face is quite an eye-opener. The Prince had proudly displayed some priceless paintings, thought to be the works of Monet, Picasso and Dali, at Dumfries House, the headquarters of the Prince’s Foundation … until one day a fake artist claimed he’d painted them all. Just like that.

The ‘artist’ had previously served a prison sentence for art fraud but continued to provide paintings to a billionaire (bankrupt) buddy of his, who then kindly loaned them to the Prince. It’s a great story filled with inspirational potential, isn’t it?

However, Tony Tetro, the ‘artist’, is not without talent – far from it! Why, I wonder, didn’t he paint his own paintings instead of doing fakes?


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